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Naughty Seal Perfect Drums


Naughty Seal Perfect Drums

Perfect Drums from Naughty Seal Audio is a innovative and unique virtual drum instrument, with a accurate and intelligent sampling engine built in , enabling anyone to create unique multi-sampled instrument and share them in an easy way. Every sample it made to sound and act exactly how they would need to in a actual "Pro" mix setting.

The Drum section

Perfect Drums at this moment comes with a extensive sound library, consisting of 67 meticulously sampled drum instruments from some of the best drum manufacturers.

Those include: 4 kick drums, 6 snare drums, 4 sets of toms (12 in total), 5 hi-hats, 6 rides, 23 crash cymbals sampled on different position, 8 china cymbals (3 on the left side and 6 on the right), 8 splash cymbals and 2 bells, all making up the 6 Perfect Kit presets.

Perfect Drums is designed to sit perfectly in a busy mix while still sounding natural and "real".  This is achieved by having the FX Sample Group(or knob), which can be considered as a parallel processing bus, usually used when mixing drums. Turning a single FX knob into the same thing as using a variety of high end hardware and software tone shaping tools, even blending “one shot” samples into some of the snare and kick instruments’ FX groups to make them cut through the mix. This approach makes it so you are able to get a desired amount of processing on any instrument. Keeping it lower will result in an almost unprocessed natural drum sound, while cranking it up will bring you a more compressed and processed tone, suitable for a heavier musical material. Play with it to find your sweet spot!

When talking about Drums, one very common thought is on Ambience, which plays a very important role in any drum sound and its ability to give a sense of realism . Thus Naughty Seal Audio has added a REVERB sample group. By once again taking the instruments’ close microphone samples and processed them with a top notch hardware reverb unit. This is one of the best aspects that Perfect drums accurately "captures".(the reverb sounds AMAZING)

Another HUge plus to keep in mind is that  the Perfect Drums factory library is ever-growing. Meaning, you will get tons of new instruments as a FREE update! For lifetime! 



Perfect Drums is a very unique, never seen before Drum VSTI with a Intelligent Sampling Engine, enabling users you to create there own fully featured multi-sampled drum instruments in just a few mouse clicks. The Sampler page consists of four sections. Quick Controls and
Articulations sections migrated here from the “Drums” page and perform exactly the same tasks.The center
of the working area has click sensitive Pads, which represent the 16 instrument slots available
in the Sampler. The pads give you visual feedback about what particular instrument is currently being
hit. You can select the instruments by Right Clicking on the appropriate instrument pad. Alternatively you can
also use a Alt + Left Click combo for this purpose. Of course, you can also select the instruments using the
drop-downs found above the Quick Controls, Articulations and Kit Designer menus. The selected instrument
will be highlighted in green. And finally, the Kit Designer section where you can name, save and load the kit you have created.

The Overview section has a great deal of control. You can Name the sample, chose your articulations, decide if you will be using choke voicing or not, even  making  choices of what grouping your samples will be. Full dynamic layer control and  Velocity range control are also here.

A list of samples with playback, phase inversion, solo and muting are in the bottom center, and a very very useful Envelope control section on the bottom right.

The Mixer Section

The mixer is the last but also a huge part of Perfect Drums. It was built to give you the fullest control over your instruments with much flexibility. The mixer page can be contingently split into several sections. Each instrument having it’s own channel strip, giving you access to all of it’s controls. At the top you have the instrument’s master volume knob, mute & solo buttons and bleeding levels for all of the available sample groups. At the bottom you have the instrument’s Direct Bus controls, as well as the common Overhead, Room and Reverb busses to the right. Each bus provides you with useful controls, like Pan, Solo & Mute, Phase Inversion, as well as the output level fader and a very nice VU meter. The output section let’s you route the instruments to an input track within your DAW. The unused controls or instruments are shown as “faded” . Thus an instrument with no FX samples will have the FX level knob “faded”, etc. Mixer Options Section enables you to switch the mixer view between the factory Drums and Sampler instruments. The global perspective can also be changed from there, giving you the option to reverse all the instrument’s pannings with a single mouse click. AUX busses can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate option tab. The routings page reveals the fully customizable instrument’s internal routings diagram. Any instrument’s sample group can be routed either to it’s Direct Bus, the 16 available AUX tracks, or to the global Overhead, Room & Reverb busses, and can be then routed to one of the 16 stereo outputs to your DAW, thus giving you extensive routing Options.

Overall my thoughts on Perfect drums are this thing is pretty impressive, Its easy to use sounds AMAZING especially for more heavy rock or metal drum sounds. The routing is really easy to understand and has a great workflow. The idea of adding a sampler built into a drum instrument has not been done before and really gives this a huge plus over other more expensive drum instruments.

I Highly recommend you try this plugin out and the fact that more drum kits will be added soon for free is something you just cant beat.

Normal Price $200

Current Price $150

Price for Trigger sample Pack

Normal Price $100

Current $75

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