Klanghelm's VUMT is a metering tool and channel processing Plug-In that I Personally have used for many years, This lasted update has gone above and beyond what I as a user could have expected.

The standard VUMT now comes with three different metering types VU, PPM and RMS. Every metering type can be fully customized to fit the users exact need. 24dB of clean input trim or gain with both left and right channels able to be linked, a mono maker and a Mid Side meter and gain makes the newest standard VUMT a amazing addition to any setup.

VUMT Deluxe takes things a huge step even farther by adding  dedicated Left and Right channel phase inversion buttons, new monitoring and metering modes, a very smooth high and low pass filter at 6, 12 and 24 dB octave slopes, a very nice dynamic eq with high and low pass filters and a single band bell shape and different Q values and a mono maker from 20 to 20000KHz.

Every aspect of this Plug-in seems to have been redone to make it more then just a simple gain setting and level metering tool. 


 VUMT Features

  • Painstakingly modeled behavior and recreation of the general ballistics of classic VU meters
  • three different VU implementations to choose from
  • unique overshoot control to match your favorite analog VU meter you are familiar with, tweak-able rise/fallback times
  • PPM DIN (Type I) mode with adjustable rise/fallback times
  • RMS meter with selectable "+3dB (AES-17)" option and adjustable RMS-window
  • Fully customizable smart Clip-LED: lights up yellow/orange when exceeding a user defined level(your headroom) and turns red when digital overs are taking place
  • switchable (and customizable) hold needle which shows the current max VU value
  • switchable (and customizable) numerical readouts for peak and meter values
  • included TRIM controls for left, right, mid, side channels to make gain staging easy
  • Easy on the eyes, comes with EIGHT skins to be pleasant to look at for (almost) everybody.
  • optional editable instance label
  • GUI resizing - select from 6 different GUI sizes
  • option to show the meters only and hide all controls from the GUI
  • on stereo channel you can switch between single and dual meter display
  • preset browser with easy copy/paste, save as default...
  • global settings to customize knob-behavior, adjust the refresh rate of the meter-needles and more
  • dedicated standalone application included (Note: the standalone version needs a physical input to display levels. So if you want to use it in conjunction with a media player, you can do this with the help of a virtual audio cable, such as soundflower, jackosx or similar)

 VUMT Deluxe

  • everything from the standard version and, 
  • VU metering 
  • RMS metering
  • Nordic (Type I)
  • DIN (Type I)
  • BBC (Type IIa)
  • EBU (Type IIb)
  • frequency weighting in RMS mode (A-, B-, C- & D-weighting curves)
  • channel tools (can be hidden from GUI when not needed):
    • Mute per channel
    • Polarity Reverse per channel
    • Monitor Section with the options to reverse Left and Right channel, monitor only Left, Right, Mid, Side channel
  • additional panel with several signal processing tools (can be hidden from GUI when not needed):
    • HighPass and LowPass filters with variable steepness (6dB, 12dB and 24dB)
    • a signal band Dynamic EQ to remove resonances or for de-essing with selectable filter type (HighPass, LowPass, wide or narrow BandPassFilter
    • Mono Maker for narrowing the stereo image below a certain frequency
  • each skin in the VUMT deluxe version offers an additional contrasting meter-GUI


VUMT 14 €

VUMT Deluxe 22 €

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